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Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, you can use our chiropractic clinic in Chattanooga, TN to return to the sports you love. At True Wellness Chiropractics we can treat all kinds of athletes, from runners and cyclists to wrestlers, baseball, basketball and football players. We offer a wide range of treatments for sports injuries - from trained chiropractors to sports medicine specialists. With our chiropractic sports clinics, you know you have many options when it comes to treating sports injuries in and around Chattanooga.

If you would like to make an appointment with us to discuss a specific sports injury, call our Tennessee office today. We will come to you with a sports injury specialist from Chattanooga and work with you on your injury. Next we will give you a detailed description of the injury and how we are trained in the healing process. Finally, you are given a plan that you can carry out to prevent a sports injury in your future.

When you enter our Chiropractic Center for Sports in Chattanooga, we will identify your problem and you will be treated functionally and biomechanically. It is not only our goal to solve the immediate problem, but we also want to involve you in the healing process and help prevent a sports injury from happening again. We know how much your sport means to you and we know that you want to have the best possible chance to return to it as soon as possible. Instead of focusing on symptoms, we provide adjustments and other treatments that will give you lasting results by targeting the cause of your pain, not your symptoms.

We offer over 100 online support programs at our Wilmington office, and all graduates have access to career assistance, including CV and job search support.

If for any reason a player is unable to attend the camp for which he has registered and paid, FWSM will provide a refund of the amount paid, which can be used for future camps. If a camper has a conflict with a new camp date, we will also set an alternative date for this camp, for which the number of campers will change or if the camp dates change and the amounts paid will be used in a future camp.

After receiving the voucher, FWSM will receive notification by e-mail and / or phone within 24 hours of receiving the notification.

If the camp is postponed, the registration of the campers will be transferred to the new camp date within 24 hours of receipt of the voucher.

Any claims, claims, damages or liabilities, including attorneys "fees, arising from or in connection with injuries sustained by a participant during the camp or while participating in related activities, whether or not the participant has followed the camp rules. There is no liability for any medical care required during or after the camp or resulting from injuries. The Director, Trainer, Staff and / or Staff of FWSM are hereby authorised to act on behalf of the Participant in the event of an emergency requiring medical treatment or hospitalisation. You also understand and agree that FW SMS is not responsible for the medical care or treatment of any participant or his family members, friends, relatives, colleagues - work colleagues, coaches, parents, sponsors, employees, agents, entrepreneurs or other persons in connection with accidents, injuries, illnesses, accidents or injuries during the camp. FWSm hereby exempts Participants, their families and all property and assets from any liability or liability in relation to such incidents.

As a chiropractor, I focus on preventing and resolving problems in the body, such as back, neck, shoulders, hips, legs, knees, back and hips. I look at how our bodies are connected and focus on the cause of the problem. If you have any questions or concerns about your health, physical condition or any other medical condition, you owe it to yourself to visit me for an assessment.

My responsibilities also include maintaining and using the most up-to-date health information available to me and my clients, entering, retrieving and retrieving computerised health data, and controlling the release of health information and information. Any certification or examination I have taken or passed may be changed without notice from the Agency or MMC, is not subject to control by MMC or any external agency and is subject to change without prior notice from the Agency to MMC.

I understand and agree that FWSM reserves the right to use photos of participants taken during the camp for advertising and promotion purposes. I also understand that FWSM will conduct physical examinations prior to the camp and rely on the information provided on this form or otherwise in writing to the FW SMM Corporate Officer. If a party commences a claim under these Terms and Conditions, the dominant party shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys "fees and fees. I am obliged to ensure and maintain adequate health insurance coverage for all participants covered by this agreement, for all activities related to the camp and for the duration of the camp.

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